AdPod helps brands reach
Australians through targeted

host-read podcast advertising.

Australian Podcast Advertising

We connect brands with podcasters and combine ad buying with brand integrations.

AdPod manages the whole process, giving you the confidence that you’re getting the most our of your podcast spend.

Australian Podcast Listeners

Our Network Of Podcasts

Our podcasters are big personalities with a bunch of creativity. Our podcasts have produced over 300 hours of entertainment. Just like the data tells us, host-read ads have cut-through, and it makes sense! Listeners trust our hosts. Contact us to see our full list of podcasts.

Say goodbye to boring ad-reads. Our Podcasts bring an extra layer of creativity to your podcast campaign.

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Why Brands Love Advertising With AdPod:

Australian Podcasts with Australian Audiences

Local content just has more cut-through. If you're trying to reach Aussies, you need to be where they're listening to podcasts. Our podcasts have an average Australian listenership of 80%.

World-Class Reporting

How many people listened to our ad? How many listeners took action after hearing it? We provide the best reporting in the business. You'll receive a report after each campaign to help you asses ROI.

Integrated With Video

Yes, we offer Pre Roll and Mid Roll, but our podcasts offer a bunch more than that! Extend your brand message by combing our podcast integration with dynamic ads. All of our podcasts create video content, so you can get the most out of every integration.

Start Small & Test

We want our podcasts to be available to more brands. That's why we provide smaller campaign options to fit all budgets.

Understanding Podcast Advertising

What is a Pre-Roll Ad?

A podcast Pre-Roll happens at the start of a podcast. At AdPod our pre-roll ads go for 45 seconds. Each show is limited to three pre-rolls to ensure your brand message stands out!

What is a Mid-Roll Ad?

Mid-rolls are a bit fancier. These ads are inserted within the content of a podcast episode. They’re typically placed half way through the episode. Because they are placed where listeners are most engaged, Mid-rolls cost a little bit more than Pre-Rolls. 

Pre-Roll Mid-Roll Podcasts


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