One Trick Toni


"Help Make Toni Famous"

Toni Lodge brings her 26-year-long internal monologue to a podcast near you! One Trick Toni is a weekly podcast by non-influencer Toni Lodge, on a mission to become very famous and very rich.

Listen to Toni evolve from a very relatable girl in Melbourne, to a podcaster grappling with the hard decision of selling her podcast for seven figures. In the meantime, chill out and listen to the many problems of Toni.

Podcast Ad Slots

Pre Roll

Our podcasts aren’t cookie cutter, so why would our ads be? Did you know people are 54% more likely to listen to and engage with host-read ads.

Mid Roll

We offer three spots, Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll, if we’re talking rankings, Mid-Roll is the superior spot, it’s where people are most engaged.

Brand Integration

From content integrations to testing out your product on the show, We’re VERY open to creating unique content.

Content Integration

Want your product reviewed with an authentic side of humour? We’ve got your girl. Toni isn’t like other ‘influencers’, in fact, she’s not an influencer at all… yet.  

Toni’s a normal 20-something girl who is genuinely funny and will tell you what she thinks – which is why she’s so great – her audience trusts her. 

Give her a product and she’ll use it as a tool to riff off, creating thoughtful and engaging in-show content relevant to your brand.

Beyond The Podcast

Social Media

As a wannabe famous person, one of the perks of fame is receiving and promoting new products on socials.  So Toni will take this job very seriously tapping into her personal IG (@tonilodge), or the podcast IG (@onetricktonishow).


Whether you want Host, Toni and Producer, Pason to build their own Subway sandwiches, or you need Toni to spitball why your brand is superior to others, Toni will use her wit to create bespoke content.

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