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"Australia's first daily
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The Daily Talk Show is an Australian talk show and daily podcast by Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen. Tommy and Josh chat about life, creativity, business and relationships — big questions and banter. Regularly visited by guests and gronks! If you watch the show, or listen to the podcast, you’re part of the Gronk Squad.

Podcast Ad Slots

Pre Roll

Our podcasts aren’t cookie cutter, so why would our ads be? Did you know people are 54% more likely to listen to and engage with host-read ads.  Research has actually found that the majority of audiences are actually happy to listen to ads inserted into podcast episodes, particularly when they’re creative.  So that’s why we work with brands that fit our audience demographic and which resonate with our hosts.

Mid Roll

We offer three spots, Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll, if we’re talking rankings, Mid-Roll is the superior spot, it’s where people are most engaged, at this stage they’re fully invested in the show, and this is why we charge a higher CPM.  Pre-Roll is also a great spot – you’re catching people’s attention before they fully get into the show. And Post-Roll, you’ve tapped into the most engaged audience members, those who’ve listened right to the very end, and an opportunity to drive listeners to your brand’s website.

Brand Integration

We’ve done some weird stuff. We love weird. And we’re fortunate to have both a visual and audio podcast, as well as internal content capabilities. Want us to test out your product in the show? Want us to do a live-recording from a certain location or take the show on the road? We’re VERY open to creating unique content.

Fat Fridays

Every Friday, Tommy and Josh take their audience on a culinary journey of a variety of dishes and cuisines, from burgers for World Burger Day, the iconic IKEA Meatball or a bagel from a local cafe, the boys are true food-critics at their core – Matt Preston eat your heart out. 

Should you want us to taste test your doughnuts to make sure they’re safe for you customers, or you run an online food delivery company, we’d love to help promote (but mostly consume) your food!

Guest Integration

Got a spokesperson you think we might be interested in chatting to? We love talking, we didn’t call it The Daily Talk Show for nothing, but we also love listening, particularly to interesting people. So, if your brand’s mouthpiece fits into the interesting category, we’ll consider them for an episode of TDTS. 

Our interviews are unconventional, we don’t want to know about stuff they’ve already spoken about, we want to get to the root of what drives themes, inspires them, and with this in mind, we don’t do pre-prepared questions, but we will organically integrate your brand and key messages into the conversation.

Beyond The Podcast

Social Media

Social Media: We’re able to tap into The Daily Talk Show’s audience to help promote and inform our content. In the past, we’ve used the likes of Q&As, polls and much more to help us better understand our audience, or settle an internal dispute. We can leverage show snippets (video cut downs from the episode) to profile in-show branded integration, or push bespoke video content to our audience via static posts and IG story sets.


Gronk, (noun); A person that is totally lacking in fashion sense, and/or social skills. So the definition may not ring true for the majority of Gronks (we’re a fashionable lot!), but this highly engaged VIP audience is a cross-section of listeners, guests and collaborators. We know their names, what makes them tick, and we regularly tap into their narratives on the show for content. The Gronks are our answer to Beyonce’s ‘Beyhive’, or Justin’s ‘Beliebers’, and we’ve built our very own community of like-minded people across Australia who’re excited to join us on our podcast each day. We have numerous lines of communication with them including Whatsapp, Email and our own community channel, Discord – we’re able to directly engage with our loyal Gronk community.

Video Content

The highest quality video production in podcasting

With internal video capabilities, we can create some very fun branded content. Vlog, cinematography or compilations of our video show, we work with brands to showcase their product in the most relevant and engaging way for The Daily Talk Show audience and hosts Josh and Tommy. 

Building in video content in conjunction with ads and in-show integration builds a well-rounded and multi-channel impression on our audience, helping to secure real results for your brand.


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