Too Much Tully

Too Much Tully


"Nothing’s off-limits"

Reality star, hopeless romantic, show-off, Big Brother bad-girl, gay, bi or straight, Tully Smyth is known for a lot of things in the media, but the real tea will be spilt every Tuesday on Too Much Tully.

Tully Smyth opens up about her life, sexuality, mental health, being 30-something and single, and what it’s like being a typhoon with a heart of gold. Nothing’s off-limits. We’ll address the topics you want to know, no matter how horny, personal or controversial.

Podcast Ad Slots

Pre Roll

Our podcasts aren’t cookie cutter, so why would our ads be? Did you know people are 54% more likely to listen to and engage with host-read ads.

Mid Roll

We offer three spots, Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll and Post-Roll, if we’re talking rankings, Mid-Roll is the superior spot, it’s where people are most engaged.

Brand Integration

From content and guest integrations to testing out your product on the show, We’re VERY open to creating unique content.

Bottle Pop Moment

To get the words flowing, Host Tully and Producer, Jess record the show with a glass of bubbles / mixer / wine (or really, anything delicious). They’ll chat about what they’re drinking, memories associated with it, and kick off the show with a ‘cheers’

Content Integration

Whether it’s a two-minute cocktail making class with Tully and Jess, a quick fire Q&A with your brand’s spokesperson or you task us with a clever activity, we’ll work our magic and develop a fun and engaging content piece which doesn’t ‘feel’ like a paid promotion.

Beyond The Podcast

Social Media

As part of a podcast partnership, we’re able to tap into Tully’s followers on her @TooMuchTully account to further promote a brand with engaging and thoughtful content.


Capture video footage of branded in-show integrations or develop bespoke video content utilising the Too Much Tully talent with our in-house video capabilities.

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